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At Vendors, we understand the importance of a well-stocked and curated workplace pantry. We offer a personalised pantry stocking service that transforms your breakroom into a space that not only satisfies hunger but also enhances employee satisfaction and productivity.

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1. Consultation & Account Setup

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  • ➙ Schedule an in-person or phone consultation.
  • ➙ Our experts will guide you through the account setup process

2. Customized Categories & Budgeting

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  • ➙ Together, we'll build a tailored profile of pantry categories based on your workplace needs.
  • ➙ Set a budget that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

3. Dedicated Account Manager

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  • ➙ Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated account manager.
  • ➙ Your manager will assist you in optimizing your pantry selections and adjusting to your evolving
  • needs.

4. Dynamic & Exciting Choices

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  • ➙ We keep it exciting by regularly updating and changing items within your chosen categories.
  • ➙ Experience variety and freshness without any effort on your part.

5: Inventory Tracking & Smart Delivery

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  • ➙ Let us handle the logistics. We track your inventory in real-time.
  • ➙ Receive only items when necessary, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

6. Effortless Unpacking

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  • ➙ Our professional team ensures your orders are neatly unpacked into your pantry.
  • ➙ Experience the convenience of a fully stocked pantry without lifting a finger.

Receive the Benefits of a Regular Slot

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  • ➙ Consistent and timely deliveries tailored to your schedule.
  • ➙ Priority access to new and exclusive products.

How to Get Started

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  • ➙ Fill out the form below to secure your steady slot on our delivery route.
  • ➙ Someone from our team will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.

Shop by Package

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  • ➙ For an even quicker and hassle-free experience, take
  • advantage of our unique "Shop by Package" option.
  • ➙ Choose your office size and the level of food you want
  • to provide.
  • ➙ The tool generates a curated package for you, updated
  • weekly with a variety of fresh and exciting items.
  • ➙ Our curated packages are updated weekly, ensuring
  • you have a variety of fresh and exciting items to
  • choose from.

Flexible Delivery

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  • ➙ For those who prefer flexibility, our self-service option
  • doesn't include a steady slot but offers the
  • convenience of selecting delivery times that suit your
  • needs.

Seamless Delivery Experience

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  • ➙ Your orders will be neatly unpacked into your pantry.
  • ensuring a hassle-free experience.